“The Democrats who are in charge are also wealthy and they send their kids to private schools, so they don’t feel the pain. They get to work, they still get to hire an army of nannies and people to come over and facilitate their lives, while normal parents with little kids, moms cannot work, women cannot reenter the workforce, even though there are jobs available, because they have to stay home and take care of kids. Worse than that are single moms who have no choice, they have to leave their kids at home. And if you live in an area where either you don’t have a tablet or a computer and you don’t have internet service, what are your kids doing all day? They’re not learning. You don’t have eyeballs on kids who are in most need of social services and they’re just malingering. Those are the ones who are the greatest casualties of these idiotic, illogical, nonsensical, immoral lockdowns.”