Joe Biden has turned “Build Back Better” into his presidential punch line – BY BRYCE MAXIM

President Joe Biden gives a thumbs up as he speaks during a virtual call on March 4. (Photo: Oliver Contreras via AP)
President Joe Biden gives a thumbs up as he speaks during a virtual call on March 4. (Photo: Oliver Contreras via AP)
September 2, 2021
“Build Back Better” is a phrase President Biden likes to throw around when he wants to remind people of how bad Donald Trump and his policies were for America and how good his administration’s are.

Biden and the Democrat lawmakers that share his vision believe they have the answers to bolster American economic growth, create an environment conducive to job creation, and reestablish foreign policy respect with our allies and rivals lost by Trump.

There’s only one problem: Nine months into his administration, Biden’s “Build Back Better” policies are doing more harm to America than good.

Businesses large and small cannot hire enough people to fill available job openings they have because the government is paying people with COVID relief checks that are for more money than they could normally earn.

Across the country, people receiving these payouts are asking themselves, “Why go to a job that only pays $12 an hour based on my experience level when I can get paid by Biden to sit on my fat butt, spare myself the chore of developing my skills, watch daytime TV, shovel Cheetos into my head, AND MAKE MORE MONEY?”

To those on the receiving end of this mini-bonanza, that’s called “winning”.  Heck, who can blame them? If you’re the beneficiary of a government wealth redistribution scheme, are you likely to complain? Nope! That’d be akin to whining about hitting a jackpot on a scratch off lottery ticket! Nobody does that!

For the businesses that survived the COVID lock down and the continued government-imposed restrictions on their operations, the only thing Biden has built with his “Staychecks for Nothing” is an unfair labor market most small and medium-sized businesses can’t compete in. The higher wage demands created by this artificially inflated labor market simply cannot be met and the “little guys” in business are left to twist in the wind with labor problems.
pipes in storage keystone
FILE – In this Dec. 18, 2020 photo, pipes to be used for the Keystone XL pipeline are stored in a field near Dorchester, Neb. (Chris Machian via AP)
When it comes to American energy production, Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan for expanding domestic electricity production sounded good on paper. Who wouldn’t like the idea of the creation of “thousands of green jobs” and “new renewable energy sources”.

Too bad those future “green jobs” came at the immediate expense all the jobs involved with the Keystone Pipeline.

When Joe Biden gave the executive order shutting Keystone down, he wished away tens of thousands of primary and secondary jobs involved with the pipeline’s construction just as quickly as Thanos wiped away half the universe in a snap of his fingers.

To this day, everything associated with the Keystone construction process has been left to rot in a state of half completion.

Taliban fighters patrol in Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)
The worst offense of Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan has to do with our foreign relations and the damage that’s been done in the name of “rebuilding America’s place in the world” with the Afghanistan withdrawal.

NATO allies are not happy with the Biden plan for pulling out of Afghanistan in the least! In London, English politicians are shredding President Biden with criticism on the Parliament floor and incoming German Chancellor Armin Laschet called Biden’s withdrawal, “The Greatest debacle NATO has seen since its inception”.

Even worse, rival China is openly laughing at Biden and daring him to stop the People’s Liberation Army from taking Taiwan.

Nine months ago in Biden’s inaugural speech, he declared with joy and much emphasis that, “America is BACK!” With that proclamation, Joe sold us on the idea that he was the man to restore America’s respect and esteem around the world with countries and leaders President Trump had alienated.

But up to this point in his presidency, Biden’s “Build Back Better” foreign policy plan has resulted in America looking like an inept, weak laughingstock to Russia and China while simultaneously alienating our NATO allies furious over Biden’s Afghanistan disaster.
Joe Biden and the democrats are attempting to rebuild America in their image and wipe out all vestiges of Trump’s policies. However, one failure after another by Biden and the Democrats have so far proven President Trump’s domestic and foreign policy decisions were the correct ones.

”Build Back Better” is no longer a catchphrase encompassing Joe Biden’s political goals for the betterment of America.

It is now a presidential punch line that will eternally make the name “Joe Biden” synonymous with the term “EPIC failure”.