Bret Baier On Reporting From The Port Of Los Angeles On The Supply Chain Chaos


Bret Baier, Chief Political Anchor for Fox News & Anchor of Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News Channel joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss President Biden’s recent polling and the supply chain crisis at the port of Los Angeles.

Baier weighed in on President Biden’s falling poll numbers, “Yeah, it’s bad. It’s not. The polls are one thing, but it’s really what people are feeling and seeing. I mean, in California, every corner has gas, you know, five fifty. I saw one California area was at seven dollars and something a gallon. You know, you start getting into that. It’s real, it’s happening. It’s not transitory. And now you have pundits and financial analysts saying, you know, I didn’t really think this is going to last this long. Yeah, people are feeling bad. And when when that happens, there needs to be a sense of a lot of action. A lot of things are going on. They’re not just talking about commissions that they chat about what’s possible. It needs to be like moving. And I don’t think that that’s the sense that you get.”

Bret on his first hand account of the supply chain crisis at the port of Los Angeles, “First of all, it’s massive and it is just so impressive. All of these containers that, hey, you know, these ships take five to eight days to unload. And it’s a massive operation. And then you look out just off the coast and there’s 68, 70 ships ready to come in. Now what I learned off air was there are a lot of different elements to this, including warehousing, where some of these companies are now essentially charging holding companies hostage to charge them before the ship ever leaves China or wherever it’s leaving from. They don’t want to hold anything in the warehouse because, you know, they’ve got all of this stuff coming in, so now they’re charging a premium. So that is then being turned on to the consumer. It is a serious, serious logistical chain that I think we’re going to find out more about the problems and more about what the administration is doing or not doing in coming days.”