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tyrus and jimmy failla
tyrus and jimmy failla

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Tyrus from Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” talks about the Dave Chappelle/Netflix controversy and how it’s an example of all sides trying to look for a bad guy to fight against, even if there really isn’t one.

When there’s not a real villain, inventing them is so much more fun and easy. Even the response was, and I think Chappelle said it was like, we want to have a conversation. He’s like, What about? I’m not changing anything I’m saying. So there’s no conversation to be had because he doesn’t feel that anything he said was wrong. He was making jokes, and he’s not going to change on that. So other than trying to get famous after going after him because all these people are getting attention.”

We create villains that aren’t there because you can turn them off and turn them on whenever you want.”