Glenn Youngkin: The Sun Is Setting On Terry McAuliffe’s 43 Year Political Career

Glenn Youngkin, former CEO at the Carlyle Group & Virginia’s GOP Gubernatorial nominee joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the surge in momentum in the final stretch of his campaign to be the next Governor of Virginia.

Glenn Youngkin
VA Gubernatorial Candidate Glenn Youngkin

Youngkin blasted back at opponent Terry McAuliffe as the two trade barbs in the final stretch of the race saying,“The Sun is setting on his 43 year political career and he is just go into the playbook that he wrote when he wrote this playbook. He’s going to his playbook and bringing up racial issues and trying to bring up the most divisive topic he can. And the reality is, Virginians aren’t buying it. They’re just not. You watch parents standing up all over Virginia. I’m winning independents by double digits. They’re not buying it. And the reality on top of that is I’m not going to be lectured by a guy who first called for Ralph Northam’s resignation when he couldn’t remember whether he was the one in blackface or in the KKK robes. And then as soon as it became politically expedient for Terry McAuliffe, he embraced Ralph Northam and went to campaign with him.”

When Glenn was asked if there are any plans to hold a rally with Former President Trump he responded by saying, “Now, as far as we know, there’s no plans. In fact, we know where we’re going to be. We’re we’re on a 10 day bus tour and people can come to our website and see exactly where we’re going to be for the next 10 days. And then we’re going to go in a fly around on Monday and then we’re going to go to Tuesday and be all the polls.”