Ronna McDaniel: Democrats Are Spending Your Money “To Buy Political Favors” From Illegal Immigrants

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel discussed the report that the Biden Administration will be handing out payments up to $450,000 to illegal immigrants separated at the border.

“The Democrats are very willing to spend your money. that’s what they are. They’re willing to spend your money to buy themselves political favors with people who come here illegally that they want to make legal so they can vote. And that’s their plan. The reality is, I think of this as a mom, so many kids in my state have been left behind because they didn’t go to school for over a year and a half in person, five days a week. I see it with my 16-year-old to think that we’re going to pay people came to our country illegally and not help our kids, or these businesses that are going under. Every single business you go by and my state has a help wanted sign. They’re shutting early or they’re shuttering their doors. It is so horrific. But what they believe is the American people aren’t paying attention, that we’re not looking at what’s happening in Washington and they can get away with anything.”