Tom Bevan: President Biden Has “A Number Of Cascading Crises” That Are “Self-Inflicted”

Tom Bevan
Real Clear Politics Co-Founder Tom Bevan

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Real Clear Politics Co-Founder Tom Bevan explained by President Biden’ poll numbers seem to be sinking by the day and what could be the cause of Americans losing faith in him as a leader.

“I don’t think the administration knows what to do. They’ve pinned their hopes on this idea that if they can just get these spending packages through Congress, that’s going to be the cure-all. But the latest numbers show that a majority of people now believe that even if those bills are passed, they’re either going to do nothing or make things worse. Mm hmm. So I’m not sure that that’s really the case. The problem for Biden is he’s got a number of cascading sort of crises that have really affected his standing of the public. They don’t think he’s up to the job anymore. They don’t believe he’s competent. They’re questioning his mental capacity. They’re questioning his strength as a leader. They don’t believe he’s honest anymore. And most shockingly to me, he doesn’t care the average person. This was blue-collar Joe from Scranton. This is one of his core values and it’s being lost in part because they’re pursuing policies that that are out of touch on inflation. They’re pursuing these mandates which are hurting, working class folks around the country. And so for a variety of reasons, a lot of this stuff is sort of self-inflicted.”