Peter Navarro: Why Dr. Fauci Deserves “An Orange Jumpsuit”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Trump adviser Peter Navarro explains how he almost got fired from the White House for criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci and why he thinks Fauci should be wearing “an orange jumpsuit.”

“You can blame Donald Trump for the pandemic, but think about this. I’m sitting in the Oval, Boss’s behind the Resolute Desk, and you’ve got Fauci there. You’ve got Birx there, you got Azar are there, you’ve got Redfield there, you got Hahn from the FDA. They’re sitting there with these blank stares. The boss says, Okay, how bad is this? And what do we do? What’s the pandemic response plan? Now think about that. These people were in government to have a pandemic response plan, and all they would do is look at the boss and they had nothing. And not only did they have nothing, then they go out on stage during the press briefings and criticize the President in one way or the other, as if it was his fault rather than theirs. Think about how silly this, I’m the trade guy. I wind up as the quartermaster in the war against the pandemic, making sure everybody’s got vaccines and ventilators, that shouldn’t have been my job. I wound up early February, basically writing a dozen memos to jumpstart on behalf of the President, our whole pandemic response. Every day I come in and go, why are these guys so oblivious to this? And then why are people like Fauci trying to cut the legs out from under this? But there was only one person in the administration who publicly fought Fauci, and that was me. I almost got fired at least once for that. It was touch and go for 24 hours.”