Kim Strassel On The Latest Developments In The Durham Investigation

Kim Strassel

Kim Strassel, Potomac Watch columnist for Wall Street Journal editorial page joined the Guy Benson Show to break down the latest developments in the Durham investigation.

Kim said, “I think the number one takeaway is that for the past, however, many years, we’ve all been referring to this dossier as the Christopher Steele dossier named obviously after this former British intelligence officer who wrote it and which was pitched to the United States as an intelligence product. It’s more correct to say now, given the Durham indictments, that this was a Clinton dossier because we now know we’ve known for some time that it was in fact commissioned by the Clinton campaign. But what we found from the Durham indictment is that it turns out that at least to some of the information that went into it actually came from someone within the Clinton orbit, a man named Charles Dolan, who is a longtime Clinton crony as it were a longtime activist in democratic politics. So the campaign’s fingerprints are all over this from beginning to end.”