Byron York Reacts To CNN’s Firing Of Chris Cuomo

Byron York, Chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner, Fox News contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the news that CNN fired host Chris Cuomo.

York reacted saying, “I mean, look, this stuff happened really, really fast. I wrote my newsletter about this, I believe, on Friday morning and I used the headline, you know, what does it take to get fired at CNN? Looking, of course, at the Jeffrey Toobin case as well? And what was interesting is as of Friday morning, the New York Times reported that CNN had not engaged an outside investigator to look into this. You know, it’s very common for a big company. If they have a scandal of something or something, they will hire a law firm, an outsider to come in and supposedly take a disinterested look at what is going on. But the Times reported specifically that CNN did not do that. And also, at the same time, we knew that Jeff Zucker had been very, very forgiving of Chris Cuomo. The last time around said, well, he had made a mistake. This happened in May, but it’s kind of normal. It’s understandable, you know, he might get emotional and put his family first.”