Brit Hume On The Left’s Reaction To Peggy Noonan’s WSJ Column Criticizing VP Kamala Harris

Brit Hume, senior political analyst for Fox News Channel joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the left’s reaction to WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan’s latest essay criticizing VP Kamala Harris. Hume also weighed in on speculation on whether President Biden will run for reelection and if former President Trump will jump into the 2024 race.

Hume reacted to Noonan’s latest Column and the left’s reaction saying, “Well, I wrote, I had a very different reaction to it from the blue checks that you’re describing who, you know, attacked Peggy Noonan. That was my problem with the column was that I thought that it was sound advice in one sense. But basically what she was saying was that Kamala Harris should now become the kind of person that Kamala Harris is not and never has been, which I think is is perhaps nice, but highly unrealistic advice. I think the chances of anything like that coming about are pretty remote. You know, people get to a stage in life, they kind of are who they are. And Kamala Harris, as has sort of identified herself as being lighter than air. And I don’t know that she can recover from that because it’s basically who she is.

Hume also weighed in on the race for the White House in 2024 saying, “There may be a sense in the public that will manifest itself in various ways that these years of turbulent Trump years and all the strife that was associated with him are something people wanted to put behind him. And that in my view, is how Joe Biden got elected, and he didn’t do that. He manifestly has not done that. And the current outlook was so much dark stuff on the horizon suggests that he will not be able to do that because he’s really not even trying to do that. So people may decide that this era of these old men, Trump and Biden is something we want to put behind us, and it’s time to move on. And if that sentiment takes hold and it could, that would do more than anything else to deter Trump.”