What The Biden Administration Isn’t Telling You About The Real Cost of Build Back Better

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to debunk claims by the Biden Administration that the Build Back Better spending plan is not going to add a penny to the deficit. According to the Senator, the U.S. will end up in even more debt should the bill get passed.

“This is fiscal madness. I’ve never seen numbers like this. You know, we’re 30 trillion dollars in debt, interest rates are headed up next year and the Democrats want to add another three trillion dollars in debt because of this reckless tax and spending bill that Biden, Schumer Pelosi and Bernie Sanders are trying to push through. That’s the fight we got going on right now as we speak.”

Additionally, Senator Daines details how he is trying to fight back against vaccine mandates for truckers crossing the Canadian border. Later, he and Jimmy talk how the drug smuggling crisis at the U.S. Southern border is impacting people as far north as Montana.

Fox News Contributor and Host of the “Jason In The House” podcast Jason Chaffetz also joins the show to weigh in on the Biden Administration’s strategy for fighting COVID-19 and why he feels like Americans are tired of hearing from Dr. Fauci.

Listen to the podcast to hear what else Jason and Senator Daines had to say!