The Economy Is Tough. Here’s How To Prepare Your Finances For Next Year

The economy may be facing some serious hurdles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your financial situation in order before 2022. From 401K advice, to managing your subscriptions, to getting the most out of rewards and deals, Carol Roth joins the FOX News Rundown to discuss her best financial tips for the New Year.  Roth, a former investment banker, entrepreneur, and author of the book, “The War on Small Business,” draws from her experience to tell you the best ways to grow your bank account, save money and avoid tax penalties.

One of the issues that impacted Americans all year long was a lack of available goods online and in stores. In February 2021, President Biden signed an executive order calling for a 100-day review on U.S. supply chains. As a result of his review, the Biden administration announced it would form a task force to address the bottlenecks in supply chains. President Biden had also discussed bringing supply chains and manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas, but is that possible? Bob Maricich, CEO of International Market Center, explains his optimism that manufacturing will return to the U.S. while Michael Amini, President of Amini Innovation Corporation, whose goods are made mostly in China, explained why he thinks manufacturing in the U.S. is gone for good.

Plus, commentary from financial planner and author, Erik Weir