Will Cain Explains Why He Thinks Joe Biden Is The Worst President Of His Lifetime

Will Cain, co-host of Fox & Friends weekend 6-10amET & Host of The Will Cain Podcast joined the Guy Benson Show to explain why he thinks Joe Biden is the worst president of his lifetime.

Cain explained his reasoning saying, “I don’t seek to be intentionally hyperbolic or, you know, too Partisan in my in my political commentary, I seek to be right. And here’s why I think that I’m right. You can point to others. Let’s just let’s just focus on my lifetime. Jimmy Carter was inept, was mistake prone and I think generally bungled the job of presidency in the United States, everything from inflation, gas prices to the Iran hostage crisis. And then you come along and you get to Barack Obama, who was purely pure, very ideological. And as he went along, not in the beginning, but as you went along, was willing to use divisiveness to to push forward his ideology, meaning he leaned into like Trayvon Martin could have been my son. Racial divisiveness, I think in other forms of divisive. What makes Joe Biden unique is he’s both. He’s both incompetent and divisive. And I hold the divisive against him more than the incompetence, more than inflation, you know, and that could change if he continues to bungle what could turn into a massive war in Europe. But what bothers me at this point and solidifies him as the worst is his willingness to to vilify unvaccinated Americans to pit black and white against one another, to continue to divide Americans against themselves.”