Bill Melugin Details His Reporting On The Mass Release Of Single Adult Male Migrants Into US

Bill Melugin, Fox News National correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show to report on the mass release of single adult male illegal immigrants into the united states.

Melugin reported on the mass release of migrants saying,
“So we’ve been coming down here for about these last eight months, and this is the first time that we have started seeing the mass release of single adult male illegal immigrants from federal custody. We’ve all seen before the women, the children, the family units being released. But this has been the first week where we have seen only grown adult men with no families, no kids just being mass released by ICE. We went down to Brownsville and we started seeing dozens of men dropped off by ice busses at a time at a random parking garage in the city of Brownsville. They get taken behind this black tarp that is set up to block public view. Then they go across the street to an NGO. The NGO helps get their travel documents in order that had taxicabs called for them. They go to the airport to fly to wherever they want across the country. Others are walked to the bus terminal, and we watched this for two or three days in a row. Busload after busload after busload. We saw several hundred of these men doing there. Some of them had ankle monitors on as they were released into the public. Some of them were hiding their faces from our cameras.”