Doctors, Guns, And Wokeness

Have one of these? Your doctor may ask you some questions about it.

Part of a routine doctor’s visit is the question and answer session whereby you describe your medical problem and the doctor then asks follow up questions to determine the procedure for a proper examination. Typical questions might include:

Where on your body is the discomfort?
What is the type of pain you are feeling? Stabbing? Dull ache?
How often do you feel it?
Do you have a gun in the house?

Yes! Questions about firearms ownership are now becoming part of a medical examination as more and more doctors collect information on who owns guns. Find out who they are collecting this information for and get the Talkmaster’s take on it!


Wokism is now invading medicine, and Neal has news on how it is being implemented and by whom.

You’re gonna want to take a couple aspirin after this edition of The Boortz Report!