‘It’s Not Logical, It’s Ideological’, Katie Pavlich On Biden’s Reluctance To Unleash American Energy Production

Katie Pavlich, Editor for Townhall.com & Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the effects the Russian Ukrainian war is having on the price of gas and the reluctance from the Biden administration to domestically produce oil in the United States.

Katie sounded off by saying,

It’s not logical, it’s ideological, and the White House is approaching this from two directions, but I don’t think they actually mind that prices are going up because we’ve had Jen Psaki repeatedly say that they want to get Americans off of oil and gas and into alternative forms of energy. So they believe that the higher the prices, the less oil and gas people use. And that’s a win for their green lobby, which, by the way, is actually supported by a lot of foreign Russian money to destroy the domestic oil production in America so that Russia can produce more.”