Biden Is Trying To Get People On Board With His Green Agenda By Making Them Hate Fossil Fuels

Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future Daniel Turner joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to react to President Biden saying he can’t do much right now to ease the pain people in the U.S. are feeling at the gas pump.

“He understands we have a supply problem. I mean, I’ve been saying this for weeks now, even before the Ukraine thing happened. He realizes we have a huge supply shortage, but I don’t understand why his solution for making up the supply is Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia. Why is the solution not America and also Canada? Canada’s the third or fourth largest oil reserves in the world. Why are we not even making overtures to them to say, can we increase production? And of course, they would say, well, if we increase production, we’ve got to get it somehow from Canada to Houston. We were going to build the pipeline, but you canceled that on us. I mean, very little was said about how angry Canada was for canceling Keystone Pipeline, not just the American jobs, but the Canadian diplomacy. Right? So he knows we need the supply, but he just doesn’t want that supply to come from America.”

Daniel also weighs in on the push by many in the Democratic Party to eliminate fossil fuel emissions and move the country in the direction of green energy.

Plus, people across America check in to tell Jimmy what they’re currently paying for a gallon of gas. Callers also share their thoughts on electric vehicles, and whether they really are a viable transportation option for everyone.

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