Katie Pavlich: It’s Very Problematic That Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Refused To Define What A Woman Is

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to react to Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson refusing to define the word ‘woman’ during her Senate confirmation hearing.

“She’s trying not to offend this far Left wing of her party, and that goes for a bigger, very problematic situation if she wants to be sitting on the Supreme Court because the law is very specific when it comes to sex and gender issues between men and women. I’m not sure how she’s supposed to interpret the law of Title nine, which is about women in sports, if she doesn’t know what the definition of a woman is. If you listen to abortion arguments that are made in front of the Supreme Court, they don’t say birthing people. They talk about women and women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose. And if you start throwing in this, I can’t define what a woman is into the law, the entire system falls apart, and none of the laws are applicable to anybody. So it is a question of, if you don’t know what a woman is, how are you supposed to interpret the law? And then this is the dumb argument. The obvious thing is that the Biden administration and President Biden have touted her as the first black woman to sit on the Supreme Court. They chose her specifically because she is a woman as part of the criteria for what they wanted. And now she’s saying she doesn’t know what a woman is.”