Robert O’Brien: The Russian Army Has Been Exposed For Being Far Less Capable Than Its Adversaries

Robert O’Brien, former national security advisor for the Trump administration joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the latest developments in the war between Russia and Ukraine and the performance of the Russian Army.

Ambassador O’Brien commented on the performance of the Russian Army and what it means for the world’s geopolitical order saying,

“Yeah, look, it’s a huge blunder and the Russian army has been exposed for being far less capable than its adversaries, and I include its adversaries, the Chinese, not just us, even though they’re according to Xi Jinping to be limitless partners. I’ve been saying this for some time. The Chinese have always said that they’re going to recover every piece of territory that was taken from China during the century of humiliation and the largest area of land that was taken from the Chinese. It’s not Taiwan, which has never been governed by the Communist Party of China. It’s or the Chinese for many, many years. It’s the land that was taken by Russia in the 1865 Treaty of Peking.”