Rep. Greg Murphy: Democrats Are Trying To Transform The U.S. By Leaving Our Southern Border Unguarded

North Carolina Republican Congressman Greg Murphy joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to provide insight on why the Biden administration has not taken the steps necessary to secure the U.S. Southern border.

“I’m part of the Border Caucus and Secretary Mayorkas, and I’ll give him credit for this, actually showed up to talk with us, the Republican ones. And the question was point blank, what is your goal? Why are you doing this? Why are you leaving our Southern border unguarded? And he couldn’t answer it. He talked about this, and every once in a while, you thought he was actually being genuine. But the only thing that anybody can ever come to is the fact that they want to try to get these folks in the country to dilute and somehow get them to vote Democratic to try to take over the country. That’s the only thing. You know, a lot of these folks come to our country, they work hard. They were part of our visa program. They pay taxes and they go back home. They do things legally. Those are the individuals who are most upset about the flood of individuals that come into our country illegally. But there’s a legal way that you run a country, there’s a legal way that we have a society, a civilized society, and when you break down the laws, then you break down society. And this is what so many different factions within the Democratic Party want to do.”

Rep. Murphy also explains why our country does not have the infrastructure to support a fleet of electric cars.

Later, comedian Dave Landau joins Jimmy to talk about the CDC extending the transit mask mandate for two more weeks.

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