Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) Touts ‘160%’ Increase In Early Voting Despite Democrat Hysteria Over GA Voting Bill

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (Photo: Fox News)

May 5, 2022
Governor Brian Kemp, Georgia’s 83rd Governor joined the Guy Benson Show to tout a huge increase in early voting numbers in Georgia’s upcoming primary, despite democrat claims that Georgia’s newly passed voting bill would make it harder for Georgians to vote.

Governor Kemp touted his state’s huge increase in early voting by saying, “It’s incredible. We’ve seen like a 160% increase in early voting between 2020 and 2022. So people are excited in Georgia. They’re turning out. They’re obviously not being restrictive. We were actually talking about that today when President Biden was criticizing our state and using that famous line. Jim Crow 2.0 on steroids really just mirrored what Stacey Abrams was selling. And that’s where she is. She’s profited off of all of this and none of it was true.”