Kevin Walling: Why Biden’s Approval Rating Among Hispanic Americans Is A Major Problem For Democrats

Kevin Walling (Photo: Fox News)

Democratic campaign strategist Kevin Walling joins Fox Across America to discuss a new poll from Quinnipiac University which finds President Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic Americans has dropped to 26 percent.

“We get into a lot of trouble as Democrats by only going to the Hispanic community, Latino community a month out from the election saying we need to support, si, se puede, come to our side, when this has to be an ongoing conversation. We need to talk about small business issues because so many small businesses are started by Black and Brown folks in this country. We need to talk about inflation and how it’s hurting, especially lower income folks on the playing field, that over-index for Black and Brown communities. So I think it’s a huge issue now, less than six months out from the election. And Hispanics will make the difference in a number of key districts in Florida, in California, other pickup opportunities for Democrats. It’s a huge issue.”