When does the madness in America end? When we say it does.

President Joe Biden’s policies sent gas prices upward and his economic policies have made it a struggle for the average American. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

By Bryce Maxim

XTRA 106.3FM, ATLANTA – Recently while having the exhaust tested on my car, I struck up a conversation with the gentleman manning the equipment.

While the computer chugged away on my Honda Accord’s exhaust sensor data, we went back and forth on the current state of affairs here in the good ‘ol USA.

Topics du jour included COVID jabs for kids, inflation wiping out recent wage gains, rising gas and home energy costs, media promotion of the gender-fluid delusion, the craphole California had become (Turns out he was a west coast refugee from LA!), and thank goodness for the Braves and UGA winning their championships.

By the time the exhaust computer chimed a “ping” of approval for my rolling, middle-aged mom magnet’s emissions, we were in agreement on quite a few things.

First, the Braves and Bulldogs gave this state the greatest sports year ever. Praise be to whatever deity you worship for that!

The rest of it? Neither of us was too impressed with the general state of things in America.

When it came time to depart, the emissions inspection attendant asked me one question that encapsulated his frustration with a country that made little sense to us both.

”When will the madness end?”

The best I could come up with for a reply was, “When we say it does.”

That’s it. There’s no great mystery here, no amazing cosmic reveal, no #42 as an answer to the meaning of life. Just a willingness to say, “Sorry, I’m not buying what you’re selling because I know it’s wrong.”

For example, if someone asserts that there are over 40 genders, that people can morph from one gender to another, that men can get pregnant, or some other plastipanpolymorphquasisexual nonsense, reject it.

Go ahead, it’s liberating! You know that the only genders are male and female! Science has your back on this, so why back down to the leftie loon that believes otherwise?

Is someone claiming the high cost of gas is the result of Russia invading Ukraine? Then remind them of the Biden administration policies that have cut oil production in the United States which turned us from an energy exporter to an importer.

After that, tell them where in deepest pits of hell they can find a good deal on a used Tesla.

Biden supporters say his administration didn’t see the baby formula shortage coming.
Really? That’s a bit of a stretch since their administration shut down the Michigan plant that got this shortage started.

When someone says we need more gun control laws, ask them why there is so much gun violence in cities like Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Aren’t the strictest gun laws in the nation supposed to keep the streets safer?

Trans activists say that Lia Thomas, the “woman” swimmer with male junk in her trunks, is competing at an “even level” against her 100% biologically female opponents.

Call crap on that ludicrous notion! Remind them that this lipstick festooned man is depriving 100% organic women of academic and financial opportunities to satisfy his ego-driven gender delusion.*

Tired of hearing about 5 year old kids needing COVID vaccinations and boosters when science has proven the virus poses little or no threat to their health?

Then keep that jab out of your child’s arm and away from anyone who believes they have a right to put it there!

If an ill-informed democrat claims Georgia’s new voting laws are “Jim Crow 2.0”, remind this person that more people voted in this primary election than any other in Georgia’s history.

So much for “voter repression”.

You get the picture.

It’s time to call out nonsense when we hear it and refuse to bend the knee to bullies peddling delusions and narratives. Only then will things change in this country for the better.

*ADDENDUM: This article was published just before the swimming’s world governing body FINA banned transgender women from competing against biological women. They have recognized the physiological benefits of growing up male that give them an advantage over their female competitors like greater lung capacity and muscle mass. Their recognition of these differences and the advantages they give swimmers like Lia Thomas dictated their actions. Nothing more.

So…looks like it works! FINA should be praised for recognizing this and returning sanity to the sport of swimming!