The Boortz Report: Wokeism and the cast of characters involved with the New York Bodega Stabbing

ATLANTA – The cast of characters in NYC Bodega Stabbing is as crazy as it gets.

It involves a nutjob girlfriend, a serial-felon boyfriend, and an innocent 61 year-old bodega worker.

The fiasco is set into motion by the girlfriend who gets mad with the bodega employee because he won’t give her a free bag of chips. What does she do? Send in the serial felon boyfriend!

The boyfriend begins to physically assault the bodega employee who defends himself with a knife he had hidden for just such an occasion. End result: Boyfriend dead, bodega employee alive.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The crazy girlfriend then pulls a knife and stabs the bodega employee 3 times before police arrive and break it up!

Then the New York District attorney steps in and woke politics just made the whole situation worse!

Find out how from the Talkmaster on this edition of “The Boortz Report”!