The myth of “Scapegoat Joe”

Scapegoat Joe” (Poorly Photoshopped by Bryce Maxim for XTRA 106.3FM)

By Bryce Maxim
ATLANTA – It has been suggested by some in the media that Joe Biden is a “scapegoat” for all that is going wrong in America by an “irrational right”. Whether it’s the highest ever energy costs, massive inflation not seen since the early 80’s, lack of baby formula on supermarket shelves, a feckless foreign policy agenda, or the highest levels of crime seen in decades, they believe Joe and his policies are not responsible for any negative results.

Instead, they want to sell us on the idea of Biden as a “victim of circumstance” and “right-wing hate”. They believe that any president currently in office would be dealing with the exact same circumstances with exactly the same poor results.

There’s just a few things wrong with that assessment. Let’s start with the definition of what a scapegoat is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a “scapegoat” is:

: a goat upon whose head are symbolically placed the sins of the people after which he is sent into the wilderness in the biblical ceremony for Yom Kippur

: one that bears the blame for others
: one that is the object of irrational hostility

While it can be argued that Joe Biden is in fact an “old goat”, obviously he is not of the caprine persuasion and therefore definition 1 does not apply. It’s when we get into the second definition of what the “scapegoat” is where it gets interesting.

As we see above, a “scapegoat” is defined as a person who is blamed for something he or she is not responsible for, and often irrationally. But does this apply to Joe Biden and the plethora of problems the United States is currently enduring?

Let’s take a look at a few of these crises.

Trump era policies that kept immigrants in Mexico while awaiting immigration processing or employing Title 42 to keep people out of the US for COVID reasons have been reversed by Biden since he took office. The result? A flood of immigrants at the southern border like nothing this country has ever seen, the release of these same immigrants across the country, a flood of fentanyl crossing the border, and the new distinction of our southern border with Mexico being named “The World’s Deadliest Land Crossing”.

Inflation is at its highest rate since 1941 and according to Joe Biden, there are a number of reasons for this. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, COVID, Congressional republicans blocking his agenda, and democrat Joe Manchin refusing to “play ball” on government spending packages have all been cited as reasons we’re all paying more for everything.

The Biden administration expects us to forget that they printed trillions of dollars with the federal reserve to start a massive 1.9 trillion dollar deficit spending plan that further fueled inflation. According to Biden and many top economic “experts”, that spending couldn’t possibly be adding to the problem. Unfortunately, the numbers say otherwise. Over the last few months, inflation has really started to accelerate and Americans can see it happening with each visit to the grocery store.

If a menstruating birthing person can’t find baby formula at a local supermarket, the Biden administration isn’t to blame! Even though it’s his FDA that was responsible for the shut down of a Michigan baby formula plant and his government did nothing to address the resulting shortfalls, it is “scared mothers” who are to blame for hoarding formula.

Let’s do a quick summary of the Biden Administration “Crises Cliff’s Notes” from here:

Botched Afghanistan withdrawal: Biden blamed former President Trump for a deal he made with the Taliban during his administration and then Afghan Army for providing poor intelligence.

High price of gasoline from Biden energy policies: Joe throws the blame overseas to Putin and the invasion of Ukraine.

The crime surge in cities: Biden defers blame away from the policies of his party which runs the most violent cities and states, instead blaming COVID and guns.

Hunter Biden’s toxic laptop and shady business dealings: The Laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign and right-wingers are attacking his son needlessly.

Get the picture?

No matter what problem Joe Biden creates through his policies, actions, or comments, the negative result is always somebody else’s fault! Since day one of his presidency, Biden has been shotgun-scapegoating everything that moves within 50 yards every time he screws up, gaffes or farts in front of a world leader!

Conversely, former President Donald Trump definitely qualifies as a “scapegoat” of the left because he was blamed for and continues to be blamed for things he never did!

Trump’s policies made us energy independent, increased wages on the lower economic side of the spectrum, resulted in the highest employment numbers in history, a strengthened military, higher GDP numbers, and so on. Basically, he made Obama’s policies from the previous 8 years look pathetic!

Yet Trump was a “scourge” on America according to the democrats. They told us his energy policies would destroy the earth, he would get us into a new war, he’d kill us all with his “insane” COVID policies, and so on and so on and so on blah blah, ad nauseum.

Yet, none of that happened! None of it! But to the irrational left, Trump is STILL a monster!


Joe Biden and democrat supporters always project their shortcomings and failures on their opponents and believe they are NEVER to blame when their policies so south. Instead, Biden and his ilk are currently trying to sell us on their “scapegoat victimhood status” as recipients of misplaced blame.

Sorry. That old-ass dog don’t hunt!