Five For Friday: Monkeypox malpractice, Springsteen sucks, and Batgirl is “Irredeemably bad”

By Bryce Maxim
Here’s some things to chew on as the weekend approaches:

Leslie Grace as “Batgirl” in a film so bad Warner Brothers has shelved it on all media forever. (Photo: Leslie Grace – Twitter)

DOUBLE WHAMMY: Warner Brothers Studios has killed off the release of a “Batgirl” movie despite it being almost complete and costing the studio somewhere between $70 and $100 million to date.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav cited the reasons for permanently shelving the film as its “irredeemably awful wokeness” and the overwhelmingly negative response it drew from test audiences. In Zaslav’s opinion, if this film ever got released, it would do “irreparable damage to the DC brand as a whole”.

In addition, the upcoming film release of “The Flash: Flashpoint” is in jeopardy because uber-woke / crazy-ass star Ezra Miller has disappeared with a young, 18-year old woman he’s allegedly been “grooming” since she was 12. In addition, Miller has been arrested multiple times in Hawaii for abusing women and violent outbursts.

With the budget for “The Flash” reportedly around $200 million, the question is whether or not Warner Brothers will release the film as is or deepfake the face of another actor onto Ezra Miller’s to replace him in the film. Either way, they’re out millions of dollars as they try to figure out what to do.

All of this proves the adage: Go woke & you’ll go BROKE!

Currently, 98% of those who have contracted the monkeypox virus are men and of those, 98% are homosexuals who contract the virus through promiscuous activity.

US government health officials are considering measures to curtail the spread of monkeypox that will affect ALL of us instead of specifically targeting the demographic most responsible for its spread.

In other words, our government health officials believe 97.5% of the men and 100% of the women in America should have their lives affected by about 2.5% of the population who don’t have enough discipline to keep their libidos in check.

And why?

Because those health officials don’t want to “offend” gay men or make their behavior the target of criticism. That would be “insensitive” and result in endless wailing and gnashing of teeth from the “LBGTQ PC Nazis”.

History Lesson: That’s EXACTLY how the AIDS virus spread so rapidly when it first came on the scene in the late 1980’s. By not targeting the behavior of the most susceptible demographic, the virus spread rapidly throughout the gay community causing hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

Thankfully, these politically-correct health care government pinheads are repeating history with a non-lethal disease this time.

Bruce Springsteen is asking $5,000 for VIP tickets on his current concert tour and the average ticket costs north of $250 for nose bleed seats.

For a guy that bills himself as a “blue collar rocker,” he’s certainly charging a “white collar elitist” premium for his tickets.

This is just more proof that Springsteen is one of the biggest frauds in rock history!

Joe Biden is QUADRUPLE vaxxed, but still caught COVID and then re-caught it again within a week! Yet Joe still insists that current and future cases of COVID are part of a “pandemic of the unvaxxed”.

There’s just a couple of problems with this assessment. First, every time this president gets in front of a mic and says this, he becomes the living embodiment of the lie behind mandating COVID vaccinations for “protection”. This further erodes any credibility government health agencies have left.

Secondly, and more importantly, Biden survived COVID twice in a week! If this decrepit, weak, shriveled shell of a septuagenarian survived, then it’s obvious that fears of the latest COVID variants are drastically overblown.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: On August 2nd, Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed by a US drone strike.

By removing this piece of filth terrorist, the world has been made a better and less dangerous place.

My only question: For making this happen, do we thank President Biden or the unknown individual who is really running the country?

End of line.