Five For Friday: Trans activist SWATS GA Congresswoman, no pity for the “unluckiest man in the world”, and voting for democrats means you own this mess

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo: Fox News)

By Bryce Maxim
U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district Marjorie Taylor Greene got SWATTED TWICE in two days by an unknown trans activist. This is just the latest example of the left abusing the law enforcement mechanisms of government to harass conservatives.

“What is ‘SWATTING’,” you ask?

It’s a method leftists use of annoying and intimidating a conservative opponent by calling their local police and reporting a violent crime taking place at their home. In MTG’s case, one SWATTING resulted in Police arriving at her home just before 3AM on Thursday morning responding to a report of a person being shot.

Thankfully nothing came of this and Congresswoman Greene has no ill will to the police who responded to the call. In fact, she praised them for their quick response.

But SWATTING can, and has, lead to innocent people being killed by police. In addition, every officer on the scene is at risk of being shot by a homeowner mistaking their presence for a home invasion.

This is no joke. Those responsible for SWATTING political opponents are putting numerous lives at risk on the scene and diverting police resources from situations that genuinely require their presence.

It’s a truly disgusting intimidation tactic that deserves a harsh punishment for the self-righteous, trans-terrorist who called it in!

President Joe Biden – (Photo: AP News)

If you voted for Biden and the current congressional democrats, you own this. All of it.

  This is the economy you voted for. The current recession and the policies that have led to it were brought about through your endorsement of the representatives implementing them. This economic downturn is yours.

A vote in 2020 for this current government meant that you gave Biden and his congressional cronies permission to create the economic conditions that resulted in the highest inflation since the 1980’s. It was the electoral expression of your desire to pay higher fuel costs, higher food costs, and higher housing costs. You own those bills.

Your vote for Biden makes you a willing accomplice in the theft of billions of American tax dollars for Joe’s college tuition reimbursement scheme. That’s a big old thumbs up for government wealth redistribution if ever I saw one!

Many of you out there right now are shrieking, “I didn’t vote for that when I voted for Joe Biden! I don’t endorse those things!”

Fair enough. I’m willing to believe that many people who voted for Clownshow Joe feel like they got taken for a ride. I understand that. It happens. We all make mistakes.

But if you vote for this same crap in November, I’ll just say right now, “Thanks for the continued misery and bless your little, blue, Kool-Aide pumping heart!”

California is officially the stupidest state in the nation!

Governor Gavin Newsom and the state legislature have passed a law banning the sale of new, gas powered cars in the state by 2035. In a mere 13 years, they intend to force every Californian in need of new transportation into an electric vehicle whether they can afford them or not. Zero options.

Hilariously, Gavin Newsom and his collection of chattering nincompoops in the state congress haven’t even considered the fact that their power grid cannot deal with current demand, let alone future demand coming from hundreds of thousands of new electric cars.

Currently, California implements brown outs or blackouts to relieve grid pressure during high demand times of the year. What are the odds that Gavin and his Envirodope comrades can complete a modernization of the state electric grid in 13 years to deal with the increased demand?

Not much.

History has shown that democrats won’t build coal powered plants because of green house gasses, hydro power is out because it affects waterway ecosystems, wind turbines are ugly condor killers, and the mere mention of nuclear power will cause a leftist to meltdown instantly. They’ll never abandon their loathing of domestic energy production and consistently oppose building new power plants of ANY kind.

The smart money is to bet on the construction of new car dealerships just on the other side California’s borders with Nevada, Oregon and Arizona. That’ll happen long before the inept democrat state legislature approves upgrade one to their state’s antique power grid!

NOTE: This segment was sponsored by the new 2035 V8 Dodge Challenger, available exclusively to southern California residents at Desert Dan’s Dodge! Head east on I-40 for a few hours and you’ll see us just 13 inches outside the California state line in BFE, Arizona!

Today at noon, the Department of Justice will release the search warrant affidavit for the August 8, 2022 Mar-a-Lago Raid. After nearly three weeks, we may have SOME inkling as to why the FBI deemed it necessary to raid President Trump’s home.

Up to now, there has been nothing but rampant speculation in the guise of journalism from the left wing media accusing Trump of crimes ranging from theft of nuclear secrets to his funneling top secret info to Russia. In other words, more fairy tales spun by those who hate the “Evil, Orange, Mean-Tweet Ogre”.

I’ve been taken on this ride before. This FBI raid, their “investigation”, and the leftist media’s coverage of it stinks to the heavens of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Donald Trump’s “Russian collusion” allegations.

And why shouldn’t it?
According to Real Clear Politics it’s being conducted by the SAME PEOPLE!

Get ready for another “nothing burger” from the left loaded with more phony allegations and investigations that reveal nothing illegal being done by Trump!

Monkeypox (Photo: Public Domian)

Some are calling an Italian man the “most unfortunate on the planet” because he was diagnosed with COVID, monkeypox and AIDS on the same day. Yup! All three!

According to his medical report, “
He first tested positive for COVID-19 on July 2 — then within hours started getting a rash and ‘small, painful’ blisters around his body, legs, face and butt.”

The unidentified 36-year-old first developed a fever, sore throat and headaches nine days after returning from a trip to Spain where he had unprotected sex with other men, according to a case study in the Journal of Infection.”

Let’s be honest here and quit sugar-coating the situation.

This guy isn’t “unlucky” or “unfortunate”. He’s a slut.

Now he’s diseased for life and a slave to big pharma for HIV drugs as long as he lives because his stupid choices won him stupid prizes. This clown gets no pity from me and deserves none from anyone else.

End of line.