Small Business Spotlight – Michael Brant of Skydas Gear: Tactical Holsters manufactured in Marietta

ATLANTA – Getting a firearm for concealed carry is one thing, but what you what you carry that gun in is a more important decision! A gun requires a secure, durable holster to keep it in place during times of physical activity, but also one that allows for an easy, quick draw when the gun is needed.

Skydas Gear aims to make that holster decision for your firearm a little easier with their selection of concealed carry and tactical holsters.

Their holsters are built by craftsmen with decades of military and law enforcement experience to assure the quality of their holsters. Skydas strives to create high-quality, affordable holsters that function perfectly in the most dire of situations!

Learn more about Skydas Holsters and their other self defense products HERE.