The Neal Boortz Show: The Tragedy in Memphis, Gavin Newsom destroys CA fast food restaurants and government-forced unionization

Has crime gotten so bad that it’s time to build more of these and make parole a thing of the past? The Talkmaster has a take on that!

ATLANTA – There’s a lot going on and the Talkmaster is ready to take it on!

We’ll start with the tragedy of the Memphis kidnapping and the question that nobody is asking. Could this have been avoided with one changed decision?

Prison time is prison time and no more paroles! Crime has gotten so bad is it time to look at ending parole?

Gavin Newsom signs bill giving state control over fast food wages and the second the pen touched the paper it was written on, Newsom single-handedly destroyed the California fast food industry.

Neal looks at the PRO Act which is a bill that allows forced unionization. Oh yeah, it’s coming and Boortz lays out the map for its implementation!

Give it a listen and set your Friday off right!