5 for Friday: CNN’s Don Lemon gets squeezed, Taking a hard pass on “The Woman King”, No sanctuary on Martha’s Vineyard, Stacey Abrams’ abortion idiocy, and Ron DeSantis…the human Apple Computer

by Bryce Maxim

Don Lemon (Left) gets pwned by Royal Watcher Hilary Fordwich (Right) when he dared to suggest the Royal Family should pay reparations for “colonialism”. (Photo: Youtube)

ATLANTA – In an interview last Tuesday with Royals Commentator Hilary Fordwich about the death of Queen Elizabeth II and coronation of King Charles III, CNN’s Don Lemon suggested the British Royal Family should pay reparations for England’s colonialism and the suffering it caused through the slave trade.

What followed was a verbal takedown of Lemon possessing all the grace and reserve one would expect from a proper “citizen of The Realm”. Like a Terminator version of Mary Poppins, bit by bit, point by point, historical fact by historical fact, Fordwich delivered Lemon a humiliating response which completely demolished his argument.

What’s most compelling about the exchange is Lemon’s complete inability to mentally compute anything that Ms. Fordwich cited in her reply!

What induced Don Lemon’s mental catatonia?

While shiny objects usually do the trick, in this instance Ms. Woodford gave her reply in the form of a brief history and economics lesson. In it, she explains the historic role Britain played in the eradication of slavery and suggested instead he seek reparations from the African Nations and Tribes who routinely enslaved rival Africans and sold them into slavery to Europeans.

After all, doesn’t it make the most sense to seek reparations from those who ran the origin of slavery’s human “supply chain”?

Not surprisingly, Don Lemon knowing he just got pwned goes full NPC and clumsily moves the show to the next segment.


Immigrants gather with their belongings outside St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Martha’s Vineyard. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday flew two planes of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, to draw attention to what they consider to be the Biden administration’s failed border policies. (Ray Ewing/Vineyard Gazette via AP)

Watching the hoity-toity residents of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts struggle to accommodate 50 illegal immigrants sent to them par avion by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is truly hypocrisy personified.

And kind of funny too.

By their own admission, they believe Massachusetts is a “Sanctuary State” and have shown in the past that they support Biden’s open southern border immigration policy. In practice however, they do the opposite of what they virtue signal.

Martha’s Vinyard residents say that the illegal immigrants cannot be housed on the island. According to Lisa Belcastro the Martha’s Vineyard Homeless Shelter Coordinator, there are no rooms nor any services present on Martha’s Vineyard to effectively serve these 50 sanctuary seekers.

Amazingly, Belcastro expects people with a better than room temperature IQ to accept that excuse. However, she forgot she lives on a tourist island full of hotels currently in the travel off season. Surely there’s plenty of places these immigrants can be placed while they are incorporated into the greater Martha’s Vineyard community through jobs, schooling, healthcare, and other civil services.

Oh hell no!

Within 2 days of the illegal immigrants’ arrival, the residents of Martha’s “Sanctuary” found the resources to ship these 50 immigrants C.O.D. to Cape Cod and stick a U.S. Army base with processing them.

It’s clear that he hypocrites on Martha’s Vineyard believe the concept of “sanctuary” has a 48 hour time limit. That’s when their leftist NIMBY clause kicks in and they decide it’s someone else’s problem.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

Actorvist Viola Davis believes she is taking the feminist, “moral high ground” by defending her film “The Woman King” from an onslaught of criticism.

Whether it comes from a right winger for the film’s historical inaccuracies or a moon-bat wokester for “glorifying” the slave trading Dahomey Kingdom, all are united in their criticism of “The Woman King”.

Davis’ response on Twitter was basically a middle finger to those critics saying, Don’t come see it, then, you’re sending a message that Black woman can’t lead a box office globally, and that you are supporting that narrative.
When Davis got called on that tweet, she doubled down with another saying, “Like I said at @TIFF_NET, if you don’t plop down money on opening weekend, you’re not going to see…Black females leading a movie AGAIN.”

Personally, the idea of a tribal African, all-female unit of elite killers is one I could wrap my brain around and the fact that these women really existed makes the movie even more appealing. I’m also not one to begrudge a film maker a little creative license within a historical setting to move the story along and keep the film entertaining.

In short, I might have been willing to give the film a chance.

Then Viola Davis shot off her mouth in her Twitter tantrum saying that passing on her film means I’m dooming black women actresses to an eternity of non-leading film roles.

Actually no. It’s my free market rebuke of Viola Davis’ arrogance for believing that the future careers of black women in Hollywood rest on HER success with The Woman King”.

I’ll be spending my future cinema dollars elsewhere and rest assured, it’s not because I don’t want to see black women in a major motion picture leading role.

I just don’t want to see THAT arrogant woman in another leading role!

FILE – Georgia Democratic candidate for governor Stacey Abrams speaks on July 28, 2022, during a rally in Clayton, Ga. (AP Photo/Jeff Amy, File)

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made an astonishing claim speaking at an Atlanta event on Tuesday.

While stating her opposition to Georgia’s “fetal heartbeat” abortion law, Abrams said, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks.”

If Stacey were to then play the typical democrat “semantics game”, technically she’d be correct. Though it is audible and functioning, the fetal heart isn’t fully developed at 6 weeks. It’s a rudimentary organ that doesn’t circulate blood the same way a fully developed heart would.

Granted, it’s a supremely weak argument that relies on playing word games, but at least this position would have some basis in scientific fact.

Instead, Stacey couldn’t resist the temptation to flap her gums and go full anti-male, pro-abortion activist saying, “It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

The mental gymnastics Stacey employed to come to this conspiratorial conclusion are astounding!

For her position to be true, there would have to be a statewide cabal of doctors and nurses organized and willing to commit malpractice on behalf of preserving her nebulous and undefined “male power structure”.

It would also require NONE of the thousands of people employed in the Georgia medical community coming forward with this information as a whistle blower! Is Stacey expecting voters to believe that not ONE person would expose this lie to a press willing to take a story like that and run hard with it?


Stacey Abrams is a hot, sticky mess! Her current abortion quote bomb, her support of the All-Star Game boycott, her mask fiasco with the school children, her incorrect COVID positions, her refusal to concede her prior gubernatorial election loss, and her continued support of the inept Joe Biden all add up to a lousy candidate for Governor.

It’s time to stop thinking Stacey will do anything FOR Georgia when its clear her positions keep doing harm TO Georgia!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis…an Apple product?

More and more republican voters are gravitating to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a possible republican presidential candidate for 2024. It’s not hard to see why.

DeSantis is sort of the “Apple Computers” of politicians. Like Apple, DeSantis takes what is available to him, improves upon it, and makes it better.

For example, Apple didn’t invent the MP3 Player. That distinction belongs to Saehan’s MPMan created in 1998. But Apple saw the merits of the device and engineered their alternative with better sound quality, a superior operating system, and impeccable compatibility with other Apple products.

Same thing with the modern cell phone. Apple didn’t invent it, Motorola did. But when they were able, Apple ditched the buttons and gave users a device with a screen that could allow them to play games, read news, and yes, make a call. Apple revolutionized cell phones not through innovation, but through improvement.

DeSantis doesn’t always come up with a policy that leads the way, but like Apple Computer, he has shown a habit for taking policies that are successful and making them even more so.

The most recent example of this would be the shipping of illegal aliens to sanctuary cities and states.

Governor Greg Abbot of Texas was the first Governor to send Illegal aliens to Chicago, New York and Washington DC, as a PR stunt. His goal was to bring illegal immigration and the problems it is causing in Texas to the fore in a national discussion.

While it cannot be disputed that Governor Abbot’s stunt was a success, Ron DeSantis took it to the next level and “nailed it” by sending a mere 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The meltdown by the island’s limousine liberals was far more effective in exposing democrat immigration hypocrisy than any of the whining by Chicago Mayor Lightfoot over Abbot’s immigrant delivery!

Similarly, DeSantis is more polished and refined in his responses to the attacks of the left than Donald Trump. While Trump typically responds to his critics with a salvo of insults and belligerence, DeSantis answers his with even keeled tone, measured language, and a slew of facts. By doing so, DeSantis has demonstrated he is every bit as effective as Trump in gaining a headline, but MORE effective because his message is delivered in a more palatable form than Trump’s.

Trump may have originated the principals of an “America First” agenda, but DeSantis has adopted this philosophy and taken it to new levels. He worked to eliminate Critical Race Theory and the Confucius Institute from Florida Schools, he put parents desires for their kids’ education ahead of teachers unions, and preserved Florida businesses during the COVID pandemic. As currently serving American governors go, he is by far the most effective and his gubernatorial track record that backs it up.