Five For Friday: Illegal Ingrates, Leftoids Politicizing Hurricane Ian, Russell Brand’s middle finger to youtube, Fake racial abuse, and the Pathetic Braves White House visit

By Bryce Maxim, ATLANTA

Damaged homes and debris in Fort Myers, Fla., in the aftermath of Hurricane. FLA Governor Ron Desantis unknowingly spared the 50 illegals he sent to Martha’s Vineyard from having to experience this devastation. (Wilfredo Lee/AP)

Illegal Ingrates

Someone in the national media needs to track down the two illegal immigrants that are suing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for sending them to Martha’s Vineyard. America would like to know if these border jumpers are now second guessing DeSantis’ “heartless, illegal deportation” to Massachusetts now that Hurricane Ian has scoured Florida clean with 150+ mile per hour winds.

Ron DeSantis unknowingly handed these lawsuit-happy illegal ingrates the greatest gift they could possibly have imagined. By sending them to a “sanctuary state” he also unknowingly was providing them sanctuary from the devastating effects of one of the most powerful hurricanes in the Florida’s history.

Any judge that sees this frivolous lawsuit in his courtroom should throw it out for lack of merit and immediately deport the two illegals that brought it.

Don Lemon (L) pushes the global warming narrative on CNN while Jamie Rhome (R) discusses Hurricane Ian. Which do you think the Florida viewers should pay attention to with a hurricane approaching? (Photo: Fox News)

Leftoids Politicizing Hurricane Ian

Media talking heads and left wing politicians couldn’t wait for a drop of rain from Hurricane Ian to hit land before they started politicizing it on their respective media outlets.

In a CNN segment about Hurricane Ian, while interviewing Jamie Rhome, the Acting Director of the NOAA National Hurricane Center, host Don Lemon tried to attribute the power of the hurricane to climate change. However, Rhome wasn’t going to play Lemon’s pseudo-science reindeer games and instead focused on the emergency at hand.

This brief exchange serves as an illustration of the current state of affairs of those working in the media and on the information they prioritize. Jamie Rhome put his priority into providing CNN’s viewers with the most timely, accurate, and useful information he could to help people cope with a very dangerous hurricane.

Conversely, Don Lemon put his priorities into proselytizing the left wing’s climate change religion which does nothing to assist anyone in the path of the killer storm. His climate change virtue signaling actually was detrimental in that it took time away from the news segment that could have been devoted to more information for CNN’s audience instead of satisfying his bloated ego.

Meanwhile, during an interview on MSNBC, former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill couldn’t resist proactively chiding Floridians she knows will be seeking federal aid after whatever damage Hurricane Ian wreaks saying, “When it’s all over, I hope some of those Floridians that hate the federal government remember that the federal government is there in the time of a disaster.”

More likely, it’s not the federal government as a whole these Floridians hate. It’s the self righteous, abusive, arrogant politicians like McCaskill that are rife within it that they loathe. For Floridians to be told that “you better appreciate all we do for you” is a disgusting attitude to have when the topic is emergency relief, especially considering these relief services are funded by the taxes Floridians pay!

Also appearing on “America’s Favorite Disinformation Channel” MSNBC , Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar suggested that voting for democrats in the 2022 midterm will mitigate damage from future hurricanes because of the democrats’ commitment to stopping climate change.

If MSMBS had a single, curious journalist among their ranks, Klobuchar would have been asked why the democrats who control the house, the senate and the white house have not already implemented this climate change / hurricane relief plan. It would save millions of dollars in property damage and prevent the loss of a single life from Hurricane Ian.

Unsurprisingly, since this interview aired neither a democrat climate plan nor a journalist at MSNBC has manifested itself.

Russell Brand on his youtube channel. He has since moved his program to as a reaction to youtube censorship. (Photo: Youtube)

Russell Brand’s Middle Finger To Youtube

British comedian, social activist, and video commentator Russell Brand was censored by youtube this week for what they deemed a “violation of their community standards”. The video in question features Brand misinterpreting data from NIH COVID studies resulting in video that was factually incorrect.

When this was pointed out to Brand by his viewers, he quickly made a followup video in which he acknowledged his error, owned it, and apologized for it. He took complete responsibility for his mistake and in the name of truthfulness, he humbly corrected himself.

It was then that youtube removed both videos and temporarily shut Brand’s channel down. No warning other than the cryptic “violation of community standards” form letter.

When Russel Brand’s program was later restored, his return video was a litany of justified outrage directed at youtube’s moderators for their inconsistent, draconian enforcement of ambiguous “community standards”. Brand raged about how he was penalized for doing the right thing by owning his mistake while outlets like MSNBC and CNN go unpenalized and uncensored for videos containing debunked information. Brand noted that their videos claiming Hunter Biden’s lascivious laptop from hell is “Russian disinformation” and other similar, debunked “Russia, Russia Russia” Trump stories are still up and serving on youtube.

It was then that Brand dropped a bomb on youtube with very large ramifications. He announced that he is moving his program to youtube’s rival In addition, all of his new videos will appear on Rumble first and then later on youtube. Brand attributed this move to Rumble’s speech policies that he believes will serve his viewers better and allow him more freedom in relaying the message he wishes to deliver.

By making this move, Russell Brand has realized the biggest secret that youtube doesn’t want its content creators to know. Since its inception, youtube has wrongly mischaracterized the relationship between them and the content creators who employ their service.

Content creators don’t have a “channel” on youtube, they have a “program”. Youtube is the “network” that controls access to that program at their discretion. Like any traditional TV network, youtube can choose to cancel or elevate videos they like or dislike and content creators are left believing they are powerless to do anything about it.

Russell brand has shown that dynamic no longer exists. He knows his content and the millions of people who consume it will follow him to another “network” like Rumble and that he doesn’t need youtube for exclusive content distribution.

When more content creators realize that they have a “program” that can be moved and not a “channel” that has to remain in a static location, they too will experience more creative freedom and “networks” like youtube will have to treat them better if they wish to profit from the popularity of their content.

Russell Brand has thrown down the gauntlet and it will be interesting going forward to see how many other video creators follow his example to greener digital pastures far away from youtube’s content Nazis.

Fake Racial Abuse

BLM activist and failed city council candidate Marie Mott can be seen in this video attempting to conflate a routine traffic stop into a case of racial abuse. Thankfully, the bodycams employed by the police officers proved she was attempting to manufacture a racial abuse where none was present.

Marie Mott, a Black lives Matter activist and former candidate for Chattanooga City Council, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop by local police for driving her vehicle at night with a broken headlight.

This is not an occurrence that is out of the ordinary. Just about everyone who has ever driven a motor vehicle has been pulled over by police for a malfunctioning brake light or for a headlight that went dark. Generally speaking, the worst that happens as a result of one of these violations is a day in traffic court and having to produce an auto repair receipt to a judge.

Considering how minor an incident like this is, 99% of people would just take the ticket, fix the problem, and show up in court on the appointed date. The city of Chattanooga even goes one step further by offering coupons to those receiving a ticket to help them ease the financial impact of the required repair!

However, Ms. Mott chose the road less traveled and went into full-on BLM activist mode turning her minor traffic violation into a “racial injustice”. On the fly, Mott wove a tapestry of victimhood, racism, and sexism that made the arresting officers sound like a couple of badge totin’, good ‘ol boys in hoods with nothing better to do than harass a hapless black woman.

Unfortunately for Mott, video released from the officers’ two bodycams tore Mott’s tapestry of lies asunder and revealed her true nature as a bigot and a fraud. Throughout the entire video, Mott was nothing but a belligerent, angry blowhard spouting venom with every false accusation she hurled.

Conversely, the police officers acted with the utmost professionalism, patience, and restraint the entire time. The videos irrefutably demonstrated that the officers employed nothing but textbook behavior that their police department can be proud of.

And that’s an extremely good thing!

Without the police officers’ body cams, this encounter could have gone wrong in so many ways. As a BLM activist, there is little doubt Mott could use the resources at her disposal to conflate this routine traffic stop into a phony “George Floydesque” example of police racial abuse. Given the current political climate in America, odds are pretty good a BLM “peaceful protest” would follow with copious amounts of property damage in its wake.

Whatever the Chattanooga Police paid to have those cams placed on their officers is money well spent!

The logo emblazoned across pitcher Spencer Strider’s uniform was deemed “offensive” by President Biden the same day he welcomed the Braves to the White House to celebrate their 2021 World Series Championship. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

The Pathetic Braves White House Visit

Watching the Braves visit the white house to celebrate their 2021 World Series Championship was a painful experience. When our mentally deficient, antique president wasn’t flubbing the team’s name, he was disparaging it by saying, “we need to have a conversation” about changing the team’s name since “Braves” is so “offensive”.

No we don’t. Joe Biden and his politically correct cronies can forget about that ever happening!

Unlike teams in Washington D.C., the city of Atlanta and the fans across the country in Braves Nation are proud of the “Braves” moniker. We will not go the way of the Wizards in the NBA and the Commanders in the NFL who bowed to the will of the woke mob and changed their team’s identity to appease them.

On a side note, it’s interesting that those making the most noise about how “wrong” it is for teams to adopt names like “Braves” or “Indians” are the most silent with teams named after white people like the “Fighting Irish of Notre Dame”, the “Boston Celtics”, The “Idaho Vandals”, or the “Minnesota Vikings”.

This suggests that the ultimate goal of these identity idealogues is to whitewash all minority team mascots out of American sports leaving only the ones derived from Caucasian “tribes” for fans to draw inspiration from.

Thankfully, Braves fans will be the first to tell these deranged woksters to go pound sand. They’ll preserve the positive image of the Native American warrior for generations of Braves Nation baseball fans to come.