The Talkmaster has a message for white people about their “infectious whiteness”

Today’s Boortz Report is dedicated to white folks like these.

ATLANTA – Today, Boortz has a commentary for folks of the “Caucasian persuasion”. It’s about your “whiteness” and the impact it’s having on the “people of color” in the United States.

To help define “whiteness”, The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. has compiled a list of “white behaviors” that have “infected people of color”. “Symptoms” of the infection include, but are not limited to, “a sense of individualism”, a desire for a “traditional nuclear family”, and “having a work ethic”.

Hit that play button and get ready to learn something as Neal breaks down The Smithsonian’s take on “whiteness” and exposes their weird, leftist worldview of “infectious behavior”.