The Neal Boortz Show: China, Kanye, Elon and the current state of affairs

Residents hold up flowers to commemorate victims of a recent Urumqi deadly fire in Central in Hong Kong, Monday, Nov. 28, 2022. Students in Hong Kong chanted “oppose dictatorship” in a protest against China’s anti-virus controls after crowds in mainland cities called for President Xi Jinping to resign in the biggest show of opposition to the ruling Communist Party in decades. (AP Photo/Zen Soo)

ATLANTA – The Talkmaster and TMX chat up the awesomeness of country music live events , volcanoes on Hawaii’s big island, Elon Musk & the left’s meltdown over Twitter, weirdness when Kanye visits Mar-a-Lago, China COVID protests, Sheila Jackson Lee and MORE! Take a listen!