Stanford: Where free speech goes to die, America is not a democracy, racial tensions and MORE!

ATLANTA – There’s a lot going on as we head into the Christmas weekend, and Neal Boortz is ready to sound off!

Stanford University is now redefining what “free speech” will be allowed on campus, and if it wasn’t so tragic, it would be funny. Boortz has his take on this “evolution of our language” that these studernts are proposing.

America is not a “democracy”, and Neal is amazed at how few young people know this. Why don’t the kids know we live in a “representative republic”? For the same reason they think living in a “democracy” is a good thing! Boortz will clue y’all in and it won’t surprise you.

Racial tensions between blacks and whites in the United States are at an all time high in America and it’s because of a convention that the left hates acknowledging: It’s not skin color, it’s culture clash. Neal examines the concept of incompatible cultures and how this is a contributing factor to racial tensions.

Plus….much more!