Janelle King: Ron DeSantis Drops Out, Southern Border Disorder, and Dr. Fauci’s Link to AIDS and COVID

Members of Congress, bottom, look on as as migrants walk near a rail car covered in Concertina wire at the Texas-Mexico border, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024, in Eagle Pass, Texas. U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson is leading about 60 fellow Republicans in Congress on a visit to the Mexican border. Their trip comes as they are demanding hard-line immigration policies in exchange for backing President Joe Biden’s emergency wartime funding request for Ukraine. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Doctor Fauci recently made a confession where he revealed that Six-week social distancing guidelines lacked scientific input. I thought that was quite interesting, considering that we kept hearing “trust the science.” 


ATLANTA – Janelle King examines Ron DeSantis dropping out of the Presidential Race. How will this affect the rest of the candidates and what will be his plan going forward?

From there, Dr. Fauci returns to the spotlight and Janelle reveals his link to the AIDS epidemic and the Covid Pandemic.

The Border is not secure, Janelle talks about the fight against illegal immigration. What is Texas doing that the Biden Administration is not? Why does Biden want the border open?

Let’d talk about all this and more with Janelle King!