Libtards vs. Personal Airplanes

These people should not be allowed to own that airplane. You should not be allowed to spend your money on such an extravagance, as long as there’s a hungry child in Gaza. 

– The Average “Libtard” as “quoted” by Neal Boortz

ATLANTA – Neal does not tolerate fools well. ESPECIALLY leftist ones that attack people who own upscale items like personal aircraft. Fair disclosure time: Neal is an aircraft owner. So, whenever he hears of a civilian pilot confronted by a leftist over their ownership of that plane, it especially irritates him.

Usually, it involves the leftist sanctimoniously asking the aircraft owner a question like, “Do you know how many people could have been fed with the money you spent on that plane?”

Neal has an answer for that question and it’s a doozy! Fire up today’s “Boortz Report” and see why he believes only a libtard lacking any knowledge of economics would even ask that question in the first place! FIRE IT UP!