The Georgia General Assembly Votes to Curb Union Intimidation Tactics

Union protestors gather outside the Statehouse after the Senate voted to pass the right-to-work bill in Indianapolis, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012. The governor is expected to sign the bill later in the day. The legislation prohibits labor contracts requiring workers to pay union representation fees. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

OK, I hope you’re sitting down, the Georgia General Assembly has actually passed a law that makes perfect sense. It was a party line vote, Republicans for it. Democrats not. Why not? Because it will now be harder for unions to use threats and intimidation to force people to vote for union representation. 

ATLANTA – The Georgia general assembly has passed a law that actually makes sense. Now unions cannot intimidate workers into voting for a union in the workplace. What did the General Assembly do and why does it make the Democrats and unions so mad? Take a listen! Boortz will clue you in!