Retirement Roadmap Radio – The Gift of Preparation

Leaving a legacy can mean different things. Of course, a large death benefit is a wonderful gift. Inheriting a brokerage or IRA Roth account can be a great thing. From family heirlooms to family land, inheritance can be a meaningful and pragmatically helpful gift to your loved ones.  
We want to introduce another gift idea for your heirs, and that is the gift of preparation. 

ATLANTA – Ever thought on how a well-structured plan can be the cornerstone of maintaining family harmony after you’re gone? Join Mark and Evan Fricks of MasterPlan Retirement Consultants as they navigate the often-overlooked terrain of legacy and estate planning. This episode isn’t just about numbers and legalities; it’s a heartfelt look at how thoughtful preparation can be a gift that eases the burden on loved ones during trying times. We share personal stories and advice on why updating your will and healthcare directives is more than just a box to tick—it’s a vital step in protecting your family’s future, and ensuring your final wishes are met with the respect they deserve.