Janelle King’s “Candidate Conversations” featuring GA State Rep. Lauren Daniel

You know, we have a tendency to vote for what is… I don’t want to say good for us, but you know, as individuals, what do you want as an individual and what’s going to help your family. And you know, Democrats have a tendency to say, you know, “Well, I think this might be good for everyone else.” But then if the majority votes for what they believe is going to be good for them and their families, your policy will be shaped by that. 

GA State Rep. Lauren Daniel

ATLANTA – Explore deep and meaningful discussions in “Candidate Conversations” on “The Janelle King Show” featuring GA State Rep. Lauren Daniel. Our conversation delves into critical topics such as maternal mortality and national politics, shedding light on bipartisan solutions. Rep. Daniel shares insights into Republican-led initiatives, challenging partisan misconceptions in healthcare. Together, we navigate through the complexities of maternal health policies and the essence of effective leadership in national politics. Tune in for an engaging and thought-provoking episode you won’t want to miss!