Retirement Roadmap Radio – The Clueless Retiree

We see a lot of folks coming in who don’t have an income plan, but the small amount who we meet that actually do have one. There’s one aspect that is nearly 100% of the time not included and that is not planning for inflation. 

ATLANTA – In this episode, Mark and Evan Fricks zero in on the hazards that lurk for the clueless retiree when inflation and taxes are left out of the equation. They discuss the importance of a realistic lifespan estimate and the often missed step of strategic income planning. Listen to tips on 401(k) rollovers, loans, and the savvy moves to mitigate tax hits. Don’t let common estate planning oversights, like hasty property transfers that could cost your heirs dearly, be a part of your financial plan. Tune in to fortify your future against common retirement faux pas and arm yourself with the knowledge to outsmart the pitfalls that may trip up the clueless retiree.