Could the Weinstein and Trump Trials End the Same Way?

Former U.S. President Donald Trump sits as final jurors are sworn in during his criminal trial on charges that he falsified business records to conceal money paid to silence porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016, in Manhattan state court in New York, Friday, April 19, 2024, in this courtroom sketch. (Jane Rosenberg via AP, Pool)

Hollywood pig Harvey Weinstein has had his conviction overturned. Now what’s important for you is why that happened. Very simple. The prosecutors in his, introduced evidence and allowed evidence to be introduced that was highly prejudicial against the defendant. So now a new trial.  
So why is this important? Let’s look at the trial of Donald Trump and the hush money and Stormy Daniels.  
First of all, can you tell me what crime was committed? 


ATLANTA – Disgraced Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein has had his conviction overturned because of the introduction “prejudicial evidence” against him in his trial. As a result, Weinstein will be retried for the crime he was originally charged with.

By way of comparison, the Trump “Hush Money” Trial looks to be taking a similar path. Will the introduction of Stormy Daniels’ sexually charged testimony into Trump’s be considered “prejudicial?” What HAS Trump been charged with, anyway? Will this trial implode the same way as Weinsteins?

Today, Boortz will analyze the two cases and render his verdict on what he believes the outcome will be. Fire it up and find out!