Ben Burnett: The Ramifications of Trump’s Trial Verdict

Former President Donald Trump appears in Manhattan Criminal Court, Thursday, May 30, 2024, in New York. Jury deliberations in Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial enter a second day as jurors navigate the weighty task of evaluating the former president’s guilt and innocence alongside the facts of the case. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, Pool)

Alvin Bragg’s entire goal, as he you saw in his race when he was running to be the District Attorney, he was like his whole goal was to prosecute Donald Trump. He didn’t have any access to evidence. He just knew what the message was. And so I’d ask the Democrats up there, do you still feel the same way today? And I bet that there’s a handful of them that don’t. When you see what is unraveling in this country, it is the wrong thing for the future of it. 


ATLANTA – Today, Ben gives his take on the guilty verdict in Donald Trump’s New York Trial. The guilty verdict has a lot on the left fired up and excited that Trump is now considered a “convicted felon.” But what is he guilty of and what are the long-term ramifications of his trial?

Today Ben examines how dangerous a precedent the Democrats have set with this trial, what Republicans are likely to do in response, and what the ultimate effect this conviction will have on Donald Trump’s election hopes.