Senatorial Candidate Herschel Walker

Whether on the football field, in the classroom, at the Olympics, in Mixed Martial Arts, as CEO of multiple businesses, or as spokesman for the Patriot Support Program, Herschel’s commitment to excellence and love for America have inspired millions.

Herschel is also the successful owner and CEO of two businesses in the food and service industry, H. Walker Enterprises, LLC and Renaissance Man Food Services, LLC. His brands have become successful food service lines to major hotel chains, the United States military, schools, concessions, and retail chains.

Now, he is tackling his next challenge: winning a seat in the United States Senate.


Conservative Commentator Janelle King

Friend of the Morning XTRA and occasional co-host Janelle King is a rising star in Georgia conservative politics. Her position brings a diverse perspective to conversations about the direction of the Republican Party in the future.

Janelle has served as the former Deputy State Director for the Georgia Republican Party, is the co-founder of Speak Georgia, and also acts as a consultant to the G.O.P. for community engagement, public affairs, and diversity initiatives, a board member for The League of Women Voters Atlanta-Fulton Chapter, Vice President of Political Affairs and board member for the Atlanta Young Republicans, and MORE!


Congressional Candidate Dr. Rich McCormick

Dr. Rich McCormick has spent his life running toward the fights that matter and his current run for the congress is the latest fight he’s ready for! As a Marine pilot, he landed aircraft in bad places and in hazardous weather conditions. As ER doc, he’s led teams in Afghanistan and locally to save lives under critical conditions.

He’s a leader that steps up when there’s a need. The Biden administration has cultivated inflation, regulation, taxation, and shame toward our nation. Dr. McCormick is exactly the kind of fighter needed during these critical times.