Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff, left and coach Dan Quinn speak Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018, in Flowery Branch, Ga. Quinn reviewed the 2017 season and said offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian will return for the 2018 season. (AP Photo/Charles Odom)

Not only did the Falcons see the Eagles beat them and go to Super Bowl 52 and win a Lombardi Trophy, they saw the team they let off the hook in New England also get back to the game. The Eagles closed the deal that should have been the Falcons celebration a year earlier. Two little yards in the Divisional Playoff changed everything.

I don’t know which off-season will produce more regret. The fact that you lost the Super Bowl in excruciating fashion or that the road to redemption was right in front of you. The Falcons had everything line up in their favor, but failed to execute.
Thankfully they have what appears to be a wide open window of contention. I believe it to be as strong as almost any franchise in the NFL. The problem is, correcting the problems. When you go from 1st in the NFL to 15th in scoring you have problems. Thankfully when you go from 27th to 8th your defense shows great promise.
I’ll continue to believe that being out coached cost you a playoff win and a Super Bowl win in consecutive seasons. I don’t know why after 3 seasons I am expecting anything to change. Some coaches are better when the clock isn’t running. Dan Quinn is one of those coaches. Regret can be staggering. Hopefully the Falcons take advantage of this off season to change the direction.


Atlanta Falcons’ Arthur Blank walks the field before an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

First it was the complaining about the Patriots celebrating their 28-3 Super Bowl comeback win with 283 diamonds in their rings. Then it was filing an official complaint with the NFL that the Saints were taunting you with 28-3 videos on their Jumbotron and a harmless comedy routine at halftime. Now it is continuing to talk about how close the team is to winning a Super Bowl. Somebody needs to intervene.

Arthur Blank every day does anything he can to bring Atlanta a title. He is the epitome of a man obsessed with victory and a loving relationship with thus city. He cares about making his players experience and his organization first class. Those are all truths. He also can’t balance those desires with being overly sensitive and involved.
He has built the first class organization. His stadium desires have also been met. Now he just needs to stop inserting himself onto the front page on issues that distract from the winning a Super Bowl agenda. Fact, you blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. Fact, that is a national punch line. Your team has to change that. You’ve claimed to have moved on. The petty sensitivity over the mocking shows otherwise. The NFL owners are partners, but competitors. It’s time to grasp that and move on.
If you want the mocking to stop. Change the narrative on the field. Let the football people do the talking. Let their actions and results be the talking points. Stop being so sensitive. The NFL is big business. Let’s start acting like it.


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Kincade’s Random Thoughts – 01/29/2018

You know that an asteroid is due to pass by the earth on Super Bowl Sunday? Knowing my luck the Eagles will have a big lead and I’ll be ready for champagne right as it hits with 5 minutes on the clock! Falcons fans, you can relate right? Most of the nation is rooting for your team to upset the Patriots. It appears everything is going very well. Then the bottom falls out.
I would imagine that this Sunday watching the Super Bowl will be met with a little less enthusiasm in Atlanta. Not only are the hated Eagles representing the NFC, but this is the first of a lifetime of rip off the band aid moments of memories rushing back from last season. 28-3 is the worst sports memory that the city will ever own, until it doesn’t. I would fully expect many will want to avoid this game like the plague. I would suggest it gives you a chance to dream. Tighten up a few things and the Falcons can host Super Bowl 53 in their own building. That might get you through a tough 4 hours.

David Dickey has a policy about profanity on the 680 website or I could share some real gems with you. Partners in law firms, doctors and school teachers are only a few of the folks who took the time to send nasty emails after the Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl. Now many of you were classy and congratulatory, but there was a segment that decided to go very low brow. To them I suggest, growing up.
I’m sorry that you are so offended that I am loyal to the team my grandfather, father and now myself devote endless hours of support to. Last year when the Falcons were in the Super Bowl run I couldn’t have been happier or more supportive. I don’t expect that of you. You gave no reason to like the Eagles or root for them. I personally love seeing the local teams do better because it helps the show and I like most of their players and staff. What I do expect is that grown men won’t act like keyboard bullies and say the nastiest things they would never say to my face. (Especially on their business emails)
Please, I know you are scheming to come up with a way both the Patriots and Eagles will lose next Sunday. I respect you for that. I enjoy the semi good natured ribbing. I don’t appreciate cowards on an email.

Any one of you that has listened to Atlanta sports radio knows that Steak and I have a very colorful “competitive” history. You may not know a few other things. Since I’ve been asked in person, on social media and via email let me fill you in.
Yes, I like Steak. (Preferably a marbled ribeye) No, I seriously like Steak. He’s a tremendous competitor, relentless salesman, truly unique and shares my drive and ambition. We see the world quite differently on many issues. We bond as fathers and husbands to women that are far too good for either of us. Believe me, it’s better competing with Steak than against Steak.
Don’t read too much in to radio confrontations. I assure you that they are not staged for your benefit, but when the mics are off I have no issue with my sparring partner. Now, if he is in a ball crying next Sunday night knowing I’ll never let him forget that the Eagles beat the Patriots in SB52 I will relish it forever! Believe me, he would enjoy it too.

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RANDOM THOUGHTS For Jan. 17 – Football Edition

Atlanta Falcons head coachDan Quinn. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)


The Falcons didn’t get back to the Super Bowl, not even back to the Championship Game. The drop to the 6th seed is being brushed off as not that bad or pretty good by others. Considering how the NFC broke this year, taking two steps back is actually worse.
You had the top seed, young inexperienced team, lose their starting QB in their 13th game and you had a chance to beat them with their backup. The number two seed Vikings are a team that is very stout, but also playing with a backup QB. The Rams as a 3 seed were another over achieving inexperienced team.
Your path back to the title game was supposed to be clear. I don’t hear much outrage from fans. Maybe the disappointment is just wearing off. This wasn’t a good year. In retrospect this should be seen as a huge miss.
The NFL always rewards you the next season with an easier path depending on how poorly that you finish. The 3rd place schedule is supposed to be easier. It doesn’t look that way to me, especially on the road!
HOME – Saints, Panthers, Bucs, Cowboys, Giants, Cardinals, Ravens, Bengals
AWAY – Saints, Panthers, Bucs, Eagles, Redskins, Packers, Steelers, Browns
On the road you face teams led by Rodgers, Wentz, Brees, Roethlisberger, Newton.
The 3rd place schedule advantage turns out to not be reality. I think this schedule looks tougher than last years.
Great to see Georgia get two returning leaders. Neither Terry Godwin or Deandre Baker were projected as impact draft guys, they certainly paid big dividends for the 2016 SEC Champions. Can these guys bring the same level of leadership and continue the trend started in 2016?
Godwin will only get better with Fromm and the defense can benefit from a guy like Baker sticking around. Fantastic news to keep the momentum rolling. 
Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan warming up. Philadelphia won 15-10. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

Silver lining to a disappointing finish?
The Falcons might be bummed to not be playing on Title Game weekend, but a certain stat says you might see them playing there next year.

This is the first time that the 4 teams playing on Championship weekend are all in the Top 5 scoring defenses. (MINN-1, JAX-2, PHL-4, NE-5)
The Falcons improved to 8th this past season and if this year was any indication, going from 27th to 8th in scoring defense, maybe next year is the next step forward. If we assume that and a slight improvement on defense, the window remains open.
Matt Ryan is going to get paid again
If one of the Falcons off-season priorities is getting Matt Ryan signed to another extension, the troubling fact of no 20M cap hit QB ever winning a Super Bowl rears it’s ugly head. First of all, that seems impossible to believe. How has Tom Brady never been a 20M cap hit? If Brady has never been, what case can be made for ANY other QB being worthy of one? Why set your roster back? Can you ask your QB to follow the Brady model and do whatever it takes for the team cap to be workable?
Best emergence of 2017? Takk has a very high ceiling
Talk about another silver lining? I feel much better about Takk than I did Vic Beasley after year one. The Falcons maneuvered to get him and the payoff might end up being huge. I think he is one of the best things about this team looking forward.


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There are enough voices in this market that will pander to you as the Falcons prepare to take on the Rams. They will push every sunshine and lollipops scenario to make you resist embracing the facts. I still haven’t made my pick, but won’t ignore the facts.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay, left. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

First, the 2017 Falcons season doesn’t even begin until Saturday night. I know that the 10-6 record is already in the books. The third place finish is set in stone. The clear step back from last season is apparent and no excuses should be accepted. You went from a division champion to a 3rd place finisher without major injury issues. You went from a first round bye to a 3 road win scenario just to get back to the Super Bowl. It was a collection of missed opportunities and dodged bullets. Now, the fun begins.

The Falcons are clearly better on defense as the 8th team in scoring defense. A huge improvement of last years 28th ranking should be applauded. The offense drops from 1st overall to 15th. What was a great strength is now a mediocre performer with as much star talent as any NFC team in the NFL. Those swings are a big part of the inconsistency.

The Rams are not a fluke, they aren’t a patsy. The Falcons are not the better team on the field. The Rams have been far better coached and suffer fewer self inflicted wounds. The Rams are the team most likely to score a TD on a possession in the playoffs. The Falcons are the most likely to self destruct and suffer for a maddening field goal. These are all factors you need to consider.

The Falcons are the team with all the playoff experience, right? Yep, just like the Falcons last year the Rams have very little. That didn’t stop Atlanta from trouncing the Seahawks and Packers who re the most playoff experienced rosters in the NFC.

Understand this! Many are going to try to spin every statistic that gives you hope. Not that there isn’t reason for hope, but the 2017 Falcons do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. They are not likely to be able to play a complete game now when it matters most and the opposition is the best. Not to mention that the thought of them winning three in a row on the road to get to Minneapolis is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Yes, it COULD happen. No, it’s not likely or logical.


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Kincade’s Random Thoughts – 12/18/17 Edition

Most Likely College Football Playoff Team To Get Blown Out This Year?

It’s only been 3 seasons of data, but every single season has produced the same result. One of the 4 teams will prove that they don’t belong. Need facts? Oregon beat FSU by 39 points in 2014. Alabama beat Michigan State by 38 points in 2015. Clemson beat Ohio State by 31 points last year. The 3 losers averaged just 6.66 points in those losses with the last 2 being by shutout.

You may think that nobody in this years edition is set to continue this trend, but be honest and tell me if you saw those massive blowouts happening. We usually look at the games and think we are heading for classics. Usually, we get dealt a clunker.

Who is it in this field most likely to get blown out? My guess is Oklahoma. The Georgia Bulldogs will be the best defense that they faced all season. The Bulldawgs have a strong running game and the Sooners have the worst run defense in the playoff.

New Years Day May even be better than we expect!





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Kincade’s Random Thoughts – 11/27/17

Kirby Smart has delivered on expectations, Falcon flags are back on cars, and the Braves…BLUNDER!


Georgia head coach Kirby Smart watches from the sidelines. (AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Every “long suffering” fan base pulls this nonsense from time to time. In August, every member of the “Buck and Kincade” team came to an agreement that after a disappointing 7-5 regular season for Kirby Smart that a fair expectation was a 10-2 regular season and an SEC East Title in 2017. He delivered that and even went one better!

Now the SEC Title Game week has arrived and fans are attempting to move the goal posts on him. I’ve read various pieces talking about how Georgia needs redemption because of the way that they lost at Auburn. Yes, that loss was horrible but winning an SEC Title should not be considered a mandate.

The Dawgs have every reason to be confident they can clean up their mistakes and make Saturday a more representative effort. The idea of winning that title in Year Two would be an incredible accomplishment. It should not be a huge disappointment if it does not materialize.




The Falcons sit at 7-4 and I have been watching all of the flags appear again on the cars on my commute. That’s a good thing, but it was a joke that for the defending NFC Champs it was ever an option. The bandwagon spilled out quickly and now is filling up again.

I asked Buck and JChad if the Falcons season was over at 4-4. They declared it dead and we argued vehemently. Maybe they were too close to be objective. I did not understand the panic. Atlanta was too talented to let the season collapse away. Now the final 5 games are a 3-2 iffy, 4-1 you are in challenge. I’ll still bet 3-2 gets the job done. After last years run, don’t give up on the Falcons. There is a lot of football to be played and at 4-4 they were still very much alive!


I credit the Braves for doing a thorough house cleaning and getting rid of the leaders that oversaw the embarrassing scouting scandal. It is fair to ask why Terry McGurk comes away unscathed but no evidence implicated him from the MLB office.

The error is in not agreeing to answer any media questions AFTER the scandal. Not taking questions makes it look like they are not being accountable to their fan base and the media. The Red Sox answered questions publicly about the sanctions they previously received. It just looks bad. I’m floored that was the choice.



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If you now think Georgia sucks…think again!


If you now think Georgia sucks…think again!

Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm is tackled by Auburn linebacker K.J. Britt during the second half of the game on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017, in Auburn, Ala. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

After a tough afternoon like the Bulldogs suffered through on Saturday, it is understandable that there would be a temporary wave of negativity. Notice that I used the term, temporary! If it lasts longer than a few days you need a solid smack.

Before the year if I had told you that Georgia would clinch the SEC East Title in October and would be 9-1, you would have taken it and ran. You know it, I know it. The fact that this team is primed for an 11-1 regular season if they finish strong is reason for celebration, not consternation.

Let me remind you about a little history that I tweeted this morning. Only ONE of the last SIX College Football National Championship teams has went through the season unbeaten. That was FSU in 2013. The other 5 this decade have ALL been 11-1. Every one of those teams also lost that game at home, not in a very hostile rivalry game!

I will choose to just focus on the CF Playoff era next. In the 3 years we have had the Committee, the eventual champions have all been 11-1. As previously noted they ALL lost at home and it was ugly!

2016 Champion Clemson lost at home to a lousy Pittsburgh team and gave up 43 points!

2015 Champion Alabama Lost at home to average Ole Miss and also gave up 43 points!

2014 Champion Ohio State Lost to 6-6 VA Tech by a score of 35-21!

See everybody, history indicates that the Auburn loss was ugly and an atrocious showing, but in the grand scheme means very little. Regroup and survive to 11-1 and you have an opportunity to win an SEC Title in the leaky Dome. That is more than anyone expected. Yes, many thought SEC East Champions was a reasonable goal, but few were talking a berth in the CF Playoffs. A 3 game winning streak will do just that!


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Kincade’s Random Thoughts – Halloween Edition!

Kirby Smart is going to try and convince you that the CFP Rankings that will be released tonight don’t matter. He is wrong. He doesn’t want his players to put much stick in them and that is understandable. The rankings do mean a lot to the Georgia program and the fan base.
Example, do you not think that high school athletes are paying attention to these rankings? It drives the CF news cycle and the positive press is an outstanding recruiting tool. Example, do you not think big money donors are more fired up with all the hoopla surrounding the playoff chatter? Of course they are and the wallets are easier to open when you are one of the nations best teams. Example, do you think it is easier to get into the 4 team playoff when you start as one of the 4 ranked teams? The answer is YES. If you start in the first 4 you have a far better chance than those that don’t to remain there.
Coach Smart wants to control the message. I get it. He is also trying to tell you something that is easily proven false. He wants his team to avoid distractions. That is a smart strategy. That does not apply to anyone not in the building.

The Falcons 3-0 start was an apparent continuation of the dominance of the Falcons 6-1 finish in 2016. Life was good. The Falcons 3 game losing streak created all new doubts about what this years team truly is. At 3-3, squeaking by the Jets to go above mediocre is hardly exciting. Now the real work begins.
My crew at Buck and Kincade already waved the white flag. At 3-3 both Buck and JChad declared the Falcons DOA for a playoff berth. I scoffed and immediately guaranteed that this team will play January football. I’m still confident of that fact. How long will they play? Who knows?
Atlanta has the best roster in the NFC South. They have the pedigree of being the defending NFC Champs. They have a returning MVP at QB. This was not supposed to be a horrible struggle. I think you should prepare for one. This division is a race to ten wins. At 4-3 if you can find a way to 4-2 in divisional play it is doable. Atlanta dug themselves a hole and it doesn’t have to be their playoff grave.

Atlanta Braves President of Baseball Operations John Hart. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

If Jerry Crasnick has his reporting right, John Hart is going to come away from the investigation into John Coppolella’s dirty dealing free and clear. They will reportedly claim he knew nothing about any of his alleged crooked short cuts. Excuse me if I’m not going to believe that reporting.

The results would be problematic in many ways. First, if he was not involved it is the best case of corporate subterfuge ever by Coppy. If he was not involved then he also was the worst example of corporate leadership ever. That alone should preclude him from having the control of this organization. If you have corruption in a business and the highest ranking official misses it, they don’t usually survive. This should be no different. The Braves can’t trust that John Hart is involved or aware enough to oversee the future. I can’t wait to hear him speak on how this possibly happened.


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Kincade’s Random Thoughts: 10/2/17


 We all love, tolerate or remain indifferent to one of my personal 680 favorites Brian Hoyt. There is one reason that Hoyt even pushes guys like me over the edge. It is the behavior that I have termed “HOYTING”.

DON’T be like this guy! Avoid “HOYTING”!
Georgia head coach Kirby Smart walks the turf after a game in Athens. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

“HOYTING” is the projection of Richt, Donnan and Goff era constant disappointment onto the administration of Kirby Smart. Repeat after me, each coach writes their own history. Nothing that has ever happened before influences what happens today in sports. If that wasn’t true the Cavaliers, Cubs and others would never win a championship. The Georgia Bulldogs under Smart are a different breed.

At 5-0 the Dawgs still have a lot to clean up. That is a positive. They have a freshman QB who dazzles and confounds sometimes all in the same series. That is again a good thing. Georgia under Kirby plays with an urgency that Athens has not seen in a long time. They are tenacious and relentless. Most of all, they are focused and fun!

I have personally never believed in a Georgia team more than this one. Remember the people that tried to scare you in the last 2 weeks saying how “dangerous” Mississippi State and Tennessee were? Ignore them. They looked at what SHOULD have been easy to read Georgia wins and they saw the boogeyman of past failures. These Dawgs are different, stop weighing them down with negativity. Thank You Kirby Smart for changing the narrative in Athens. It makes the football season so much more fun!


Let’s be honest, you expected to see a lot more than this. 2017 was a season supposed to deliver a lot more progress, measurable in wins, than what they delivered. I’m leaning towards tabbing this year as a disappointment, no matter how they attempt to spin it.

This was supposed to be a year where the young pitchers emerged and gave us a glimpse of what they will become. Did any of the pitchers give you great reason for optimism? The answer is an objective NO. The bullpen was an issue and the lineup had a few good months of run production.

This should not be considered progress. After 67 and 68 win seasons, I can’t be convinced that 2017 was anything more than a wasted opportunity.


 The Jackets are impressive and the competition is about to be dialed up. If they had not lost the opener to Tennessee, the ACC would be buzzing over Tech. This is a dangerous team with an impressive story to tell.


It is early October but there appears to be an emerging script. It is highly likely that Alabama and Clemson will hold the top 2 seeds in the College Football Playoff. That pretty much guarantees that if you want to win a title you will have to beat both of them over an 8 day period in January. Can your favorite team do that? I don’t believe that team currently exists!

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