BOORTZ SPECIAL REPORT: Neal Boortz And Carlos Medina Break Down The Fair Tax Act

Neal and Congressman John Linder co-wrote the definitive book on explaining how the Fair Tax would change the lives of every American for the better.

ATLANTA – Americans have the opportunity to replace the current taxation system with one that lets them keep their whole paycheck, eliminates filing yearly income tax forms, and ELIMINATES the IRS. Does this sound appealing?

Today, Neal and Carlos review what the Fair Tax is, who pays it, how it is paid, who benefits the most from it and MORE! It’s an education in a taxation system that returns the power to the people and would catapult America to new heights of economic prosperity.

Janelle King – Let’s Talk About Influencers

ATLANTA – Let’s talk about Influencers.

Let’s explore the world of “influencers” who are they? Where did this come from? And is it sustainable? I close with a question we should all ask ourselves.

TODAY – Neal Boortz To Host Special “Fair Tax” Live Broadcast From 9am to 10am

Dickey Broadcasting Company Announces a Special “Fair Tax” Live Broadcast with the “Talkmaster” Neal Boortz on XTRA 106.3FM – Atlanta’s Conservative News & Talk Station 

Neal Boortz,The Talkmaster, will take an hour to discuss the Fair Tax on XTRA 106.3fm with Carlos Medina.

Atlanta, GA., January 25th, 2023 – Dickey Broadcasting Company has announced a Special “Fair Tax” Live Broadcast with the “Talkmaster” Neal Boortz on Thursday January 26th, from 9am to 10am with Carlos Media on XTRA 106.3FM – Atlanta’s Conservative News & Talk Station.  This will be Neal’s first, long form live talk show since his retirement in almost a decade. 

Neal’s Book on the Fair Tax fully explains the tax code in about 125 pages, which is about 60,000 pages LESS than the current US tax code!

Neal, one of the original proponents of the Fair Tax in the 1990’s, including co-authoring “The Fair Tax Book” with former Congressman John Linder, and with House Conservatives breathing new life into the old proposal, now is the time for the “Talkmaster” to have a forum to address the proposed changes in the tax code.  Neal Boortz, “The FairTax would be the largest transfer of power from government to the people in the history of our Republic.  There, I just told you why so many politicians oppose this.” 

Tune in to XTRA 106.FM, on 1230AM and the XTRA App to hear Neal and Carlos discuss the proposed policy and more. 

XTRA 106.3 FM industry-leading lineup of talk radio programs including “The Morning XTRA” with Tug, Rhino, Carlos, and Flounder,  “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” “The Glenn Beck Program,” “Guy Benson,” and “The Jesse Kelly Show.” 

For more information, or to listen online, visit or at the Xtra106.3 app.  

The Neal Boortz Show: California fails at everything

Homeless encampments are installed on an overpass of the CA-101 Hollywood freeway in Los Angeles, Wednesday, July 7, 2021. Gov. Gavin Newsom has kicked off California’s $1.1 billion plan to clean trash and graffiti from… (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

ATLANTA – In typical fashion, Neal tackles numerous subjects in his weekly visit with Tug, Los and Rhino on TMX. This week the Talkmaster sounds off on:

Atlanta expressway memories – Is it possible that Neal has any good ones?
California continues to fail at everything…and the people want more.
PLUS: Neal gives listeners a quick tease on the fair tax segment coming this Thursday.

Hit hat play button and give it a listen!

Amazing thoughts and ideas so far in 2023

ATLANTA – We’re barely 3 weeks into January of 2023, and here are some ideas being floated around the country to make this country “better”.

Here are a few the Talkmaster has noted so far:
It should be a crime to call 911 on a person of color.
IQ is nothing but a measure of whiteness.
If blacks make up 25% of the population of a school they should only get 25% of the punishment.
If a baby survives a botched abortion, doctors should be allowed to let that infant starve to death.

Like those? Unsurprisingly, all of these are brought to you by DEMOCRATS. There’s a few more “great ideas” like these that Neal brings to light in this edition of The Boortz Report.

Money Unleashed – Should we prepare for 2 to 3 years of market recovery?

ATLANTA – Should we prepare for 2 to 3 years of market recovery? There’s some things we need to do with our investments if this is the case and Kyle will lay out a roadmap to keep your assets performing.

PLUS: One celebrity is worth over $60 million, but is still financially frustrated. How is this possible? Find out today on Money Unleashed!

What it the “debt ceiling” and how is it affecting you?

The Treasury Department is seen near sunset in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023. The Treasury Department projects that the federal government on Thursday will reach its legal borrowing capacity, an artificially imposed cap that lawmakers have increased roughly 80 times since the 1960s. Markets so far remain calm, as the government can temporarily rely on accounting tweaks to stay open. (AP Photo/Jon Elswick)

ATLANTA – What is the debt ceiling? How does it affect everything you buy and do? Who controls it? Take 5 minutes and learn all about it with Ben Burnett.

Are there ANY benefits to America that have been brought about by “woke culture”?

ATLANTA – Let’s think about this for a moment: Is there any benefit that has resulted in America from the woke culture?

While on the surface it may seem a ludicrous question to ask, objectively speaking it has done a pretty good job of exposing racism…from the left!

Today, Janelle King examines how woke culture had the unintended benefit of exposing the bigotry and racism of the very people who pushed wokeness on society.

Let’s talk about it! Smash that play button!